Best Shooting Gloves

Whether you are firing at the range or prepping for a tactical mission, shooting gloves maximize your shooting aptitude while cushioning and protecting your hands. A tacky grip can keep your finger on the trigger and make shooting in less than ideal conditions feel like target practice. 

A good shooting glove should also embrace your natural dexterity, provide ample ventilation, and limit shot interferences. When choosing a glove, ensure that it is comfortable, protective, and designed for the activity you have in mind. Furthermore, consider if you need an all-weather option or a sleek performance alternative 

To help you pick the best shooting glove possible, we've selected four great products that are suitable for everyone from ordinary gun owners to tactical professionals. We give you a full break down to help make your shopping experience even easier.



Mechanix Wear's M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves are reinforced sheaths that cover the whole hand. Favored by law enforcement officers and servicemen, they feature multiple layers of durable materials for extended comfort and protection. 

The base consists of formed-fitting TrekDry material. It helps wick moisture and provides hours of cool comfort. Nylon pull loops provide a manageable storage solution and are also great for clipping onto a gear belt. All this considered, you probably won't feel the need to take these off considering how comfortable they are. 

The base is reinforced with several layers of flexible padding. The palms feature high-impact Armortex panels that are designed to buffer hard blows and stop rebounding shells from nicking your precious digits. What's more, the index fingers and thumbs feature multilayered internal reinforcement panels. They feature a thin layer of moisture-wicking fabric with padded exterior reinforcements. 

There is also a knuckle-side Impact Guard made of EVA foam that compliments a shooter's grip, freeing up the index finger. This last feature gives a shooter unmatched dexterity while preventing abrasions and burns from a rebounding rifle. 

We really love that these gloves are not constricting. Yet, the combination of the form-fitting base material and proprietary Thermal Plastic Rubber closures ensure they don't move around while you are closing in on your target. They also provide sufficient impact and abrasion resistance. 

The M-Pact gloves come in five sizes ranging from small to XX-large. At their price point, they are an extremely popular choice for many firearm enthusiasts. What makes them even greater is they are machine washable. Never fret about adverse weather conditions again! 


We give the M-Pact a middle-of-the-road rating for durability. While the polymer-based palm pads are resilient, Mechanix's M-Pact3 is more suited for extreme battlefield action. Nevertheless, it is a reliable product from a trustworthy manufacturer. 

What's more, after a full week of taking these to the shooting range, they broke in nicely and showed no signs of wear. If you are someone who has trouble gripping a firearm or struggle with the heat of a pistol, these gloves provide a comfortable buffer without inhibiting your ability to repeatedly seize the trigger. 

These are also suitable duty gloves that you won't mind wearing throughout the whole day, as they offer ample ventilation and a near bare hand feel. Our only concern is that the stitching on the backside seemed a little loose. All thoughts considered, this is one of the most reliable gloves at this price point. It also has the most impact-resistant palm pad compared to the other gloves we reviewed, bumping it up to the top of our list. 

  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Shock-absorbing palm pad
  • Machine-washable
  • Susceptible Stitching
Mechanix Wear - M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves


Condor's HK228: Shooter Glove offer an unmatched all-weather grip with plenty of finger dexterity. It is well constructed and features several innovative tactical features. When purchasing this glove, you have the choice between black, tan, and sage colorways for optimal camouflage in any environment. 

What's more, this is a full-coverage glove that features a dual-sided bottom panel. Meanwhile, the backside consists of two-way stretchy spandex in your choice of three colors. This is stitched onto a hardy synthetic leather palm that provides a padded support system for shooting in rugged locations. Shock-resistant reinforcement panels line the palm, forming a distinct crown-like outline around the finger folds. This helps max out the level of protection without inhibiting finger movement. 

The gloves also feature a silicone anti-slip treatment that appears as a glossy beaded finish on the fingertips. It promises to provide a slip-free grip, which we are happy to attest to. If you anticipate shooting in the rain, sleet, or snow, there's nothing more important than a solid slip-free trigger contact such as this.

We also love that the HK228s feature a terry cloth sweat wipe on the backside of the thumb, which is great for fighting off pesky beads of perspiration. The manufacturer has clearly gone to great lengths to maximize the utility of this piece of tactical gear. 

Overall, the materials are lightweight, breathable, and exceptionally durable, making them ideal for cold and warm environments. Other perks include a hook and loop closure and molded rubber pull-tab. These make it easy for you to slip on and secure the gloves without any hindrance. They also prevent the gloves from slipping on the wrists and help hold in heat. The superior ventilation and flexibility of these gloves make them a no-brainer for long shifts. 

When purchasing this glove, you have your choice between five sizes, ranging from small to extra, extra large. The sticky grips, flexible backhand, and terrycloth panel provide all-weather reinforcement with enough dexterity to manipulate a trigger with ease and help land this glove a well-earned spot on our exclusive list of shooting gloves. 


We're huge fans of this super sleek looking shooting glove because it looks great and performs well. One of our favorite things is the nonslip silicone fingertips. These provide a super tacky grip that holds up in high moisture environments. We also feel that these are awesome all-weather gloves. In fact, we'd even recommend these for competitive shooting and high-stakes sniping. 

With that being said, we've got little to complain about when it comes to these elite mitts. Of course, we'd like to see them come out with a coyote brown, ranger green, or camouflage colorways for gun owners who venture outside of the urban landscape. However, we really can't complain considering the affordability and craftsmanship of these gloves. 

  • Wind and cold resistant
  • Stretchy
  • Solid construction
  • Thin Spandex
Condor HK 228


PIG (Patrol Incident Gear) Full Dexterity Alpha Tactical Gloves were originally developed to account for industry shortcomings. To do this they utilized an ultra thin base material and added a number of dexterity improving finger features. While all-weather duty men and women may not find these gloves to be sufficient protection from the weather, they provide an unmatched grip and whole hand protection. 

The palms are constructed of single-layer panels made from a paper-thin synthetic material. This is intentionally done so that there is never more than one layer of fabric between your hand and gun. The beefy fabric parts are reserved for the back of the hand, but overall this is a particularly lightweight performance-style glove. As such, we would recommend it for target practice and long-distance sniping but would put it on the back burner for rugged operations and fieldwork. 

The most prominent features of the Alpha PIGs are located in the fingers and fourchettes (this is the joint between the fingers). For starters, the thumb and index fingers are conductive and can be used with touch screens (a necessary but fairly uncommon feature these days). Moreover, the thumb features a microsuede nose wipe, which is a surprisingly valuable asset to any workman's glove. Better yet, the trigger finger features super thin Clarino fabric panels and dual flexing joints. Between the dual-layered ventilated fourchettes and reinforcing grip, this an ideal glove for warm weather and long, strenuous sniping positions, which can both be taxing on fully sheathed hands. 

Whether you're looking for something for the range or the field, these gloves are durable enough for the frontline action while still managing to provide an uninhibited grip. They also feature handy nylon storage loops that are easy to hook on to a utility belt or MOLLE vest. Plus, we love the fact that they are machine-washable. 

Color options include black, carbon grey, coyote brown, and ranger green. Sizes range from small to XXL and are great for individuals with long or especially burly fingers. PIG has also produced a women's specific model called the PIG FDT Charlie Glove, which features the same design with an ergonomic fit designed for females. While these gloves will set you back just under $50, they provide unmatched trigger feel and finger dexterity. As such, we'd say they are one of the best gloves in their price range. 


PIG has a hefty reputation to uphold, but we weren't disappointed. No glove we tried had more of a bare hand feel than this one. These gloves are ideal for shooting scenarios that require rapid reloads and optical adjustments. They feature ultra-thin materials and dexterous fingers that are a must for skilled marksmen and snipers. While you aren't going to score any warmth or extra padding with these bad boys, you'll likely avoid shooting blunders by cutting down on the bulk. 

These gloves are also an extremely affordable option for gun owners on a tight budget. For just under $30, you'll land yourself a pair of mitts in the discreet color of your liking. 

  • Bare--back feel
  • Machine washable
  • Streamline fabric panels
  • Mismatched padding colors
  • Imported
PIG Full Dexterity Tactical

The Hatch NS430 Specialist All-Weather Shooting/Duty Glove is a sleek black masterpiece with loads of potential. Synthetic single-panel palms provide a smooth, catch-free surface. Meanwhile, Neoprene backing provides an ultra durable and installing top layer. In addition, the third layer consists of tacky Extreme-Grip that is strategically sewn onto the palms and fingertips. They don't overdo the application but manage to provide enough coverage to ensure your hands are up for the heat and potential discharge of a powerful firearm. 

We found the rubber-backed hook and loop closures easy to manipulate for rapid donning and adjustments. What's more, they helped give these gloves a snug feel, giving us the confidence to handle reloads and rapid-fire scenarios without having to remove our hand coverings. 

The NS430 Specialist gloves come in sizes extra small to XXL. 


We put these gloves to the test to see if they could handle quick draws, rapid reloads, and speedy shooting scenarios and are happy to confirm they exceeded our expectations. So long as you choose from the proper size, you'll have no problem handling a firearm nor making field adjustments to finite accessories. 

We also love that they are made from Neoprene, which is a mainstay in tactical performance gear. Because of the fine craftsmanship and solid construction of these globes, we recommend them for frontline action. Our only criticism is some noticeable points of weak stitching. While these aren't anything to write home about, they are evidence that these gloves may not handle wear and tear as well as others. 

This is certainly not enough to deter us from investing in these extremely afford second skins. They simply fit well, improve firearm handling, and feature industry-standard materials. 

  • Dries quickly
  • Fits well
  • Maximum finger dexterity
  • Lower quality stitching
  • Bulky palm padding
Hatch NS430

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