Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Wellfire Airsoft L96 AWP

Wellfire Airsoft L96 AWP Sniper Rifle

Novritsch SSG-24

Novritsch SSG-24​

Well Airsoft VSR 10

Well Airsoft VSR 10 BOLT Action Rifle​


450 FPS KJW Full Metal M700 Gas Sniper Rifle


475 FPS JG BAR-10 Airsoft Metal Bolt Action High-Powered Sniper Rifle

Love the look and feel of a powerful firearm, but don't cherish the risks and costs involved in owning one? Airsoft rifles offer a realistic decreased-power shooting experience that requires genuine skill. Yet, they pose far fewer hazards than actual duty weapons. Airsoft rifles can be used for everything from recreation to organized sports, training exercises, and backyard target practice.

Whether you're thinking about taking up the sport of airsoft or you are looking to upgrade weapons, read along to discover our detailed reviews of this year's top-rated airsoft sniper rifles. Learn about the differences between gas, electric, and spring-powered firearms and revel in the amazing features and realistic designs of these BB-packing replica weapons.

Perquisites for success

Before we jump into reviewing the best airsoft sniper rifles, let's talk about the sniper mission and the weapon.
So, you decided that you want to try out sniping. Silently taking your opponents out one by one without them even knowing from where the shot came. But is it the right decision? Do you have what it takes? To be successful as a sniper, you both need the right mindset and equipment.


Sniping is all about being patient. Real life snipers often spend hours and even days observing and waiting for the perfect shot. As a sniper, you have to be able to stay focused for more extended periods where absolutely nothing is happening but still being ready to pull the trigger when the right occasion appears.
Of course, real life snipers and airsoft snipers have very different situations, but the mindset is still the same.


Most experienced airsoft people do not recommend to go directly into sniping when starting out. Buying a good AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) and starting with that will give you most action and also the possibility to try out a variety of different types of airsoft games. From there you can then decide if the more passive sniping is your thing or not.



Beside from the sniper rifle, you will have to have the right type of camouflage. For that, you can consider a standard camo uniform or even a ghillie suit. The bottom line is that if you take sniping seriously, you have to stay invisible to your enemies.
Please also remember that no matter how well you are camouflaged fast movements or basically any movement will reveal your position quickly. Think about how most animals try to be unnoticed when they feel threatened. They freeze and do not move until they know that they have to. Learn from the one's whos life matters depends on being unseen.

Gilli Suit

Gilli Suit

Backup weapon

As your sniper rifle is very inefficient on close hold, it's recommended to have a backup weapon like a pistol. As with sniper rifles, they come in many different types, and you can read more about the different types here.

Airsoft Pistol

The Sniper Rifle

Below we will go through some of the best airsoft sniper rifles but what you need to understand is that buying a sniper rifle is just the beginning. When the first purchase is made, it's about upgrading, upgrading and upgrading.
That is also one of the reasons why sniping isn't recommended for beginners as you will have to spend a lot of money to get your rifle optimised.
If you still want to go into sniping, it's crucial that you purchase a rifle that works as a good platform for your upgrades. Very often you will hear experienced airsoft people referring more to the platform than the rifle itself as the many upgrades make them very different.
To give you an idea about the different platforms we should first have a look at the different types of airsoft guns:

-Spring powered bolt action
-Gas powered bolt action
-Electrically powered semi-automatic
-Gas powered semi-automatic (HPA)

Siper rifle

If you want more info on this, please go to my Airsoft Gear article, but in general, you can say that for sniper rifles the most interesting ones are spring powered and gas powered bolt action, where spring powered is by far the most common ones. Gas powered is more expensive and more difficult to upgrade and maintain.

Depending on what type of gun you select there will be different platforms you can choose out from. The major ones are:

Spring powered:
VSR which is based on the real steel Remington 700.
Type 96 which is based on the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare.
The L96 AWS is also based on the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare.
These are the primary platforms for spring powered guns but there are other alternatives like the Novritsch SSG24 which comes very strong out of the box, and therefore doesn't require that many upgrades.

Gas powered:
When it comes to gas-powered guns, you are much more limited. Basically, you will have to go with the Tanka M700 platform which again is based on the L96A1 from Accuracy International.

Sniper Rifle Brands and Models

Now that you have selected the platform it's time to choose the actual brand and model.
What is important to remember when selecting a brand and model is that you are going to upgrade many parts which means that it's not always the best choice to go for the top brands where prices but not necessarily quality is high. Going down one step might be a good option. In other words, Tokyo Marui and Maruzen guns shouldn't always be considered the best choice and especially not for sniper rifles that require a lot of upgrading.
My suggestion is going for brands like Well for spring powered and KJW for gas powered.

What to upgrade

Finally, you need to consider what to improve - again; you need to upgrade if you a serious about sniping. Something that is not part of the gun is the BB's. Make sure to select high-quality BB's that is step one.
Frome, there you should look into the following:
-Bucking barrel
-Rest of cylinder



When talking scopes for Airsoft guns, we usually talk about red dot scopes and optical scopes with zoom. Of course, there also exists laser scopes and even night vision scopes, but they are not that common.
Red dot scopes are most efficient for more aggressive games like close quarters combat that involves a lot of movement. The reason for that is that you can have both eyes open when using a red dot scope and that the distance, as well as the eyes angel towards the scope, doesn't matter which all in all gives you much higher flexibility.
Sniper scopes don't need the same kind of flexibility (remember sniping is about being patient) but what's required is precision. Literally every shot counts and you, therefore, want to make sure that you have a scope that makes it possible.
Due to the limited range of airsoft guns a four-time zoom scope usually is sufficient. Of course, you can go higher, but the extra money is better spend on a high quality four times zoom scope than a low quality ten times zoom scope

Scopes & Sights for airsoft


Bipods are useful for some snipers where others say they make your gun clumsy. As a compromise, you can get bipods which easily can be flipped up. Usually, bipods are not that expensive so in the case you regret your purchase the harm is not as significant as if you select the wrong rifle or scope.



Tracers are devices that make photoluminescent BB's glow in the dark. It's a super cool effect if you plan to shoot after sunset but also an excellent way to trace your shots.
If you are more interested in scopes, bipods, tracers and other add-ons, you can read more about those in my Airsoft Gear article.

Tracer BB's

Above are some of the things that you have to consider before going into the snipers game. Now, if you still feel like this is your call, please read along and learn more about the best airsoft rifles currently on the market.
Please notice that some of the sniper rifles are sold with different types of accessories as a packaged. Usually, it's possible to find different kinds of packages, so again select your platform and model first and after that a package that suits you or just the rifle.

Review of the best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Wellfire Airsoft L96 AWP Sniper Rifle

The Wellfire Airsoft L96 AWP Sniper Rifle is a spring powered sniper rifle that shoots at a velocity between 400 and 420 feet per second (fps). Its based on the Accuracy International's real L96 sniper rifle. When the airsoft version is paired with a bipod and scope, this 6mm toy looks like the real thing. What's more, it is easy to sight with and is built for excellent long-range accuracy.

The army green body of this rifle is made of heavy-duty polymer, while the internal system features a one-piece precision metal barrel. While it may look and feel like a real M16, the entire platform (including the bipod, scope, and magazine) weighs a mere 11 pounds. It also features an adjustable padded cheek well and smooth rubber butt pad.

It sports an adjustable hop-up that can hold up to 30 rounds. It also has multiple sling hook-ups and various ways of hooking up a bipod. While the spring-loaded system is a bit more hands-on than gas or electric-powered trigger systems, it is relativity easy to engage.

We're big fans of the open APS2 bolt system, which tends to have fewer jams than the competitors. The extra long barrel, bipod, and military colorway give it an almighty presence. Considering its low price tag, this is a great beginner rifle with favorable upgradability. The packed deal comes with everything you need to get started, save for a bottle of lube and a couple 100 BBs. Plus, there is no need to fuss around with gas or batteries; simply pop in a magazine of BBs, and you're good to go.


Quality sniper combo with all the necessary accessories (bipod, scope, and magazine)

Accurate shots at long distance

Super lightweight for a long rifle

APS2 bolt system


Spring-loaded means no automatic firing

Barrel alignment is slightly off

Wellfire Airsoft L96 AWP Sniper Rifle

Novritsch SSG-24

The Novritsch SSG24 airsoft sniper rifle is a beastly spring loaded sniper rifle that can shoot at 650 fps. The internals sport a stainless steel spring guide and powerful M190 spring. Meanwhile, the inner aluminium barrel is 475mm long and 6.01mm in diameter. The outer barrel is made from a 4 mm-thick drilled and fluted aluminium pipe. In between, spacers and a machined O-ring great a stable backdrop for a high-velocity BB.

The magazine holds a whopping 28 BBs and separates easily from the main chamber thanks to a spring-loaded hop-up system. This works well but does have some feeding issues. Nevertheless, the push-release clip makes reloading this powerful weapon a breeze.

As you have probably guessed, it is an accurate distance shooter. While you won't harness any automatic firing capabilities, you'll learn to love the 90° steel bolt handle. Human targets beware; the Novristch is loud, proud, and packs a serious pain penalty.

The adjustable stock is somewhat wobbly but features a thick rubber butt plate with stabilizing screws. The Novritsch also has a top rail, although you need scope ring adapters to fit most optics. The gun has a super durable metal trigger guard and steel sling lugs. While this gun is priced high, it is field-ready right out of the box.

If you are dead set on owning one, just prepare yourself to wait out the lengthy preorder period. The company's highly-anticipated inaugural batch was met with a resoundingly positive reception, but its ploy to cut out retailers, distributors, and everyone in between has translated to deferred production.

The rifle comes with a black hardshell case, foam inserts, manual, video guide, a bottle of Novritsch Sniper BBs, a barrel cleaning rod, and a fresh sniper patch for your tactical vest. It even boasts an M24 style stock adjustment, though you will need to purchase your own bipod. You'll also want to order a left-hand conversion kit if you happen to be a southpaw.

A thorough inspection of the case and contents tells us Novritsch doesn't cut corners. Metal seam pins and four lock points illustrate the level of detail that goes into protecting this beloved rifle. Overall, we'd say this weapon is well worth the wait.


Push-release magazine
Accurate long-range shots
Padded hardshell case provides longterm storage and protection


No bipod included

Novritsch SSG-24​

Well Airsoft VSR 10 BOLT Action Rifle

The Well VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle is a decent spring-powered airsoft rifle with a reasonable price. With a firing velocity of 400 to 450 fps and a magazine capacity of 30 BBs, this is the perfect sniper rifle for regulated field gaming.

The weapon features a full metal bolt action and trigger box, a durable spring, and an adjustable hop-up. If you're concerned about making easy in-field adjustments, the hop-up features a movable pin you can handle with or without gloves. When paired with the right optics, a trained marksman will have no trouble using VSR-10 to nail their target from 100 feet away or more.

Another great feature of the VSR-10 is that it weighs in at just over five pounds, giving players a tactical advantage as they navigate the playing field and square up their targets with unmatched precision. What's more, the gun comes equipped with a Picatinny Weaver top rail and a Weaver on-frame rail. Just install your favorite bipod, scope, or laser mount, and you'll have a battle-ready sniper rifle on your hands.

The Jing Gong VSR-10 is compatible with all Tokyo Marui accessories, which prompts us to give this rifle a top score in upgradability. If that's not enough to please, the polished black rifle features an authentic rifle look and profound accuracy. If you aren't already pumped up about this stellar weapon, check out this informative user review.

  • Picatinny Weaver top rail
    Fully metal internals
    M700 type rifle stock


  • Need for upgrades (including scope and bipod)
Well Airsoft VSR 10 BOLT Action Rifle​

Elite Force Licensed H&K SL9 SD Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle

The Elite Force Licensed H&K SL9 SD Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle is a top-rated AEG (automatic electric gun, for all you airsoft newbies) sniper rifle. Backed by extra power, this rifle delivers a maximum velocity of 430 fps while turning out a swift rate of fire. Meanwhile, it offers both full and semiautomatic firing modes to accommodate the different needs and preferences of battlefield combatants.

This machine boasts a long, lightweight body that includes a polymer stock and handguard alongside an aluminium alloy barrel and a mock suppressor. This AEG runs on a 9.6V Nunchuck battery, which can be purchased separately for a small fee.

The SL9 also offers unmatched comfort thanks to an ergonomic grip, adjustable padded cheek riser, and thick rubber butt. Solid positioning and sneak attacks are your best bet at making a kill, but that's hard to do when you're constantly shifting your frame to find comfort.

Other perks include an adjustable hop-up, a high torque motor, and realistic slide action. Elite Force even included a spring-loaded metal bipod and a foot long top optics rail for a scope of your choosing. Just add a few accessories and fill your clip with a dozen 0.20g BBs, and you'll be on your way to owning more enemy troops than ever before.

Now, let's talk about the mock silencer. While lots of gamers like these pseudo accessories, they really don't reduce the amount of noise or flash associated with firing the weapon. That's because airsoft guns don't make noise in the first place. From a tactical standpoint, adding extra length to your barrel makes it harder to stealthy navigate a battlefield. However, they give the weapon a realistic look and make role-playing games even more entertaining.

While Elite Force offers a good out-the-box value, we'd recommend budgeting for a few minor upgrades. Start with some high-quality precision BBs, a rechargeable battery, some Teflon tape, a couple replacement magazines, and oil.

  • Electric Blowback Gearbox
    2” in. Picatinny top rail for optics
    630mm inner barrel


  • 9.6V Nunchuck battery not included
    Smart charger not included
    Can't remove silencer
Elite Force Licensed H&K SL9 SD Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle

450 FPS KJW Full Metal M700 Gas Sniper Rifle

The KJW M700 Gas Rifle is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that delivers a maximum velocity of 450 fps. Weighing in at just under eight pounds, this rifle boasts a featherweight trigger and single-shot bolt action. It also features a set of adjustable four-way sights for accurate target acquisition.

An adjustable hop-up system gives you the flexibility to nail your shot regardless of your environment. Closing in on the prey has never been easier thanks to the full metal gas-powered magazine. We'd simply recommend firing a few shots to warm up the hopper before descending onto the battlefield.

Meanwhile, a built-in Weaver Riser Tri-Rail scope mount, UTG Tactical 3 Point Sling, and bipod stud mounts await your favorite accessories. You'll also want to start stockpiling green gas, red gas, lube, and a variety of high-quality precision BBs.

If you've been thinking about going the gas kit route, the KJW is one of the best in the game albeit an inexpensive piece of equipment. You'll get that high-velocity feel, a realistic look, and favorable field accuracy. Pair this weapon with decent optics and ammunition, and your adversary is a dead man walking.

  • Safety switch
    Instant two-piece takedown
    four-way front and rear sights


  • Hop-up needs adjusting
    Magazine only holds 11 rounds
450 FPS KJW Full Metal M700 Gas Sniper Rifle

475 FPS JG BAR-10 Airsoft Metal Bolt Action High-Powered Sniper Rifle

The JG Bar-10 Airsoft Metal Bolt Action High-Powered Sniper Rifle is a mighty bolt action rifle that shoots hard and accurately. You'd be hard-pressed to find a rifle that boasts a velocity greater than 470 FPS for the same price. The Bar-10's clip molds up to 30 rounds.

No matter what airsoft game you're playing, stealthy moves are imperative. At only six pounds, the Bar-10 is easy to handle. Plus, its capacity to shoot accurate long-distance shots allows you to stalk your opponent form the shadows without compromising your trajectory. What's more, the adjustable hop-up makes it easy to make adjustments in the field.

This rifle scores well in upgradability, being that you can slap on any of a number of Bar-10 accessories, including optics, bipods, and laser mounts. Just be prepared to put a little work into customizing your JG platform.

At just over $100, this weapon is affordable, lightweight, and performs well right out of the box. If you're looking for a budget sniper platform that you can tweak, this is a great option.

  • BLack Metal Barrel with a black Polymer Stock
    Customizable with Bar-10 parts
    30 round mag capacity
    Great upgradability


  • Excludes bipod and optics
    Must attach front sight with adhesive backing
475 FPS JG BAR-10 Airsoft Metal Bolt Action High-Powered Sniper Rifle

Bottom line

Above I tried to list some of the consideration, you should make before going into the snipers game.
For sure sniping is an exciting way to play airsoft but can easily also become a costly hobby. Byung a sniper rifle and use it out of the box will normally not put you in a good position, therefore, make sure to add a good amount of money for upgrades to your budget.
Also, make sure to consider the whole atmosphere around an airsoft game. A lot of people love the sport due to the action involved and also being part of a team. As a sniper, you will often work alone and have to wait more extended periods before you can release your shot.
But then again if you feel this is your call then go for it and consider some of the airsoft sniper rifles that I have listed above.
Good luck.

Snipers are special people and so should their gear be. But how do you find the best airsoft sniper rifle for the serious sniper? We have listed the 5 best rifles and broken down what to focus on.

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