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Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are an enjoyable and safe hobby for many people nowadays. From basic spring-powered devices to advanced hybrid models, the airsoft industry puts forth a wide array of choices. With so many options to choose from, you may be eager to learn what different airsoft products are out there.

Different Airsoft Guns

What is an Airsoft Gun and how does it work?

An airsoft gun is a replica of a real weapon made for use in airsoft sports. The ammunition typically consists of spherical, plastic pellets called “BB’s”. You may be wondering what different forms these products exist. Several different types of airsoft guns are accessible on the market, and we will be highlighting each of them today.

Airsoft guns are essentially less powerful smoothbore guns, which are weapons that have a barrel but no rifling. While a smoothbore weapon can be a large tank or even a mortar used for artillery, smoothbore firearms are the products that resemble airsoft guns. Moreover, the muzzle velocities of airsoft guns tend to be between 200 and 500 feet per second. This term refers to the velocity at which a pellet exits the barrel of the weapon.

Types of Airsoft Guns

Generally, airsoft guns are grouped into four categories: spring-powered, automatic, gas, and hybrid. Options for magazines are available as well, as various types of airsoft guns differ widely and have different needs.

Spring-powered airsoft guns

How They Work?

Spring-powered airsoft guns are typically considered to be classic models, and they are great for beginners as a sort of base-model airsoft gun. A spring system within the product propels the pellets outward when you pull the trigger. They utilize the elastic potential energy of a compressed coil spring to power a piston air pump. Upon pulling the trigger, the device pressurizes air from the pump cylinder at a very high rate. It is also required before each shot that the user recompressed the spring. Due to their basic structure, these airsoft guns are capable of firing only one individual shot at a time.

Spring powered airsoft guns

What is special about them?

These types of airsoft guns are a popular option due to their convenience and inexpensiveness. With the exception of high-end sniper rifles and shotguns the market price of spring-powered airsoft guns tends to be lower than other types because they do not require gas or batteries for powering. They are extremely reliable compared to other models and can be quite powerful in comparison to certain electric airsoft devices.

Automatic airsoft guns-AEG's

How they work?

Sometimes referred to as electric or battery-powered airsoft guns, automatic airsoft guns are the most common type of weapon you will find on the market. Due to their extreme versatility and popularity, AEG's come in a variety of different forms to suit your preference.

Similar to spring-powered airsoft guns, most automatic airsoft guns use a spring to fire BB’s. The difference is that automatic models derive power from an external source, which is why they are not classified as manual. Electric models typically use rechargeable batteries as the means to power their interior motors. This process causes the compression of the spring that shoots and automatically reloads ammunition.

Automatic airsoft guns

What is special about them?

The AEG market offers low, mid, and high-level airsoft weapons. Lower-tier automatic weapons have their title to establish a difference between them and original automatic models, which are more expensive and powerful. Since most other airsoft guns in the same price range as low-level AEG’s deliver a more desirable function, these are typically only owned as novelty items and collectibles.

Automatic airsoft guns run primarily on batteries made from nickel-metal hydride. An 8.4V large battery pack is used most frequently with these airsoft weapons, and they deliver a power capacity of 2200 to 5000 maH. While these have been the leading battery in past years, recently introduced power sources have been gaining ground in the airsoft market.

How AEG works
Electrical airsoft gun

A step up of from traditional models, AEG’s offer the option of a semi-automatic or a full-auto setting. And a number of different types of automatic airsoft guns are readily available since they are so common. These include models such as electric blowbacks and automated electrical pistols, which we will be looking into shortly.

Other options include mini and stick batteries, which deliver a lower power range of about 900 to 1600 maH. Lithium-polymer batteries, also referred to as Li-Po batteries, have found increased popularity in the airsoft industry as of late due to their longer life expectancy.

Batterie for airsoft gun
Batterie for airsoft gun

Electrical blowbacks, often referred to as EBB’s, are high-performance AEG’s that usually run on rechargeable batteries. They are meant to imitate the blowback effect of an actual firearm but with a less significant kickback. This feature substantially decreases overall battery life, which is why EBB’s focus on rechargeable power. Moving onward, there is yet another popular AEG worth highlighting.

A popular type of automatic airsoft gun is the automated electrical pistol, commonly abbreviated “AEP”. This model happens to be the first handgun capable of full-auto operation that runs on an electrically powered platform. They store liquid green gas and carbon dioxide that vaporizes upon the pulling of the trigger and propels the ammunition.

Gas Airsoft Guns

How they work?

Gas-powered airsoft guns carry out their function by using compressed gas to propel the BB’s. They utilize the pneumatic potential energy of compressed gases to fire shots, which is completely different from the systems that either of the previous two models run on. Internal canisters within the device release this compressed gas through valve when you pull the trigger to propel the ammo outward.

Gas Airsoft Guns

What is special about them?

A special feature of gas-powered airsoft guns is their ability to fire off multiple pellets at one time without reloading or cocking. This gives way to blowback, which is a backward thrust from the gun following a strong propulsion forward. Features such as this are why many see gas airsoft guns as the most realistic and comparable to real guns. Airsoft guns powered by compressed gas are usually sold in the form of pistols, although some rifles are available too.

Gas airsoft gun
how gas airsoft gun works

Different types of Gas

CO2, Green gas and Propane Gas are the most common types of gas used for airsoft weapons. Some weapons can run different types of gas but it is more common that you will have to stick to one type.


CO2 gas comes in small canisters which normally is placed in the guns magazine, when the gas is out you will have to replace the canister.

CO2 have the highest comparative energy of all the gas types and another benefit with CO2 is that it's energy is not impacted by cold weather conditions like some of the other types of gas.


Propane & Green Gas

These types of gas comes in a big canister and you fill your weapon with gas by using a nozzle. Both types of gas are not working well in cold weather conditions.

Propane is the cheapest of the two types of gas. The disadvantages beside the cold weather conditions are that it smells really bad and it's recommended to add a little drop of silicone in the refill nozzle before filling your magazine to help lubricate your gun.

Green Gas is the most expensive. Compared to propane silicone is all ready added to the gas and the smell is not as bad.

Green Gas

Hybrid Guns

How they work?

Hybrid guns are the newest addition to the airsoft industry. They are very similar in function to standard AEG airsoft guns but pack a harder punch. These models have a tendency to be very comparable to the real guns they replicate, but less so than gas-powered airsoft guns. They operate in two main ways:
  • AEG Hybrid Operation: Hybrid guns powered through this method use shell cases that each contain one pellet as ammunition. The shell casing ejects out the back of the device each time you fire off a shot, which replicates the noise and giving off of smoke that real gun delivers. These are particularly rare, and collectors are the main buyers.
  • Gas Blowback Hybrid Operation: These models use a tank that is filled with the propellant, which usually tends to be green gas. You must pull back the bolt to load an individual shell into the chamber. When you pull the trigger, the propellant will release, firing the pellet forward at a rapid speed.

What is special about them?

Of the four models discussed, gas-powered devices have the most advanced operating systems and are the most comparable to real guns. In addition, you have the option between blowback and non-blowback models based on how more or less authentic you want your experience to be in comparison to shooting a real gun.

Magazines for Airsoft Guns

Magazine for airsoft

How they work?

The airsoft industry has a variety of magazines to offer. Usually crafted with impact plastic or stamped metal, airsoft magazines are intended to be replicas of the magazines of real guns. To use them you should load the desired amount of plastic pellets into the magazine and then re-attach it to your airsoft weapon of choice. 

Most magazines call for similar loading protocols, but there are some subtle differences. For instance, you should fill a low-cap magazine much more slowly and carefully than one of high capacity because the pellets need to be inserted on top of one another in a line. In opposition, you can simply pour the ammunition into a larger chamber with high-capacity magazines.

Drum magazine
Drum magazine

What is special about them?

Several different types of magazines are typically available for airsoft guns. The categories are subdivided by the overall capacity of the magazine:

  • Low capacity: These types of magazines hold approximately 80 BB’s each. Low-cap magazines operate with minimal amount of noise, and they can be the only applicable mag for certain types of airsoft weapons.
  • Mid capacity: Magazines of mid capacity are able to hold 100-130 BB’s each. These are capable of delivering more at once than low-capacity magazines, but they also make far less noise than high-capacity magazines. They tend to be more reliable to decreased amounts of dry firing.
  • High capacity: As the most spacious magazines, these can hold 300-600 BB’s each. Commonly referred to as flash magazines, they are powered by means of a winding wheel. The wheel can be wound by an electric system or a string that pulls the wheel to turn it. 
  • Box magazine: Often referred to as drum magazines, these are known to have the highest overall ammunition capacity. The expected range is 2000-5000 BB’s per magazine.
  • Real capacity: These function in the same way as low-cap magazines, but they are capable of holding the same amount of ammunition as the real magazines they replicate.
  • Pistol magazine: Pistols utilize either single-stack or double-stack magazine. With single-stack models, you should stack the individual BB’s in a vertical manner. Double-stack models, on the other hand, function through the stacking of staggered columns of ammunition.
Pistol magazine

Performance for Airsoft Guns

How it works?

Since so many categories of airsoft weapons are available, you should take note of how different products perform. Airsoft weapons perform by shooting plastic pellets at a range of different speeds, which depends on the model. Spring-powered firing velocities usually range from 30 m/s to 200 m/s, the upper end applying to advanced sniper rifles. AEG’s lie in the center of the spectrum with velocities ranging from 90 m/s to 120 m/s, while gas-powered and hybrid airsoft guns shoot much faster than either of the previously mentioned models.

How to upgrade the performance?

The overwhelming majority of airsoft guns can be tweaked and upgraded to improve performance. Durability, firing rate, pellet speed, and precision are among the features that can be modified. The use of bulkier ammunition serves to decrease range but greatly enhance accuracy. With regard to AEG’s, two different methods exist to increase pellet speed. One is simply by enhancing your airsoft weapon's inner barrel, which is what the ammo makes it way out of upon pulling the trigger. The second method is to upgrade the mainspring, which increases levels of air pressure for a more effective shot.

The length of the barrel has a major role in the overall accuracy of electric and spring-powered airsoft guns. The preferable length of the barrel lies within the range of 400 to 500 millimeters. If the barrel exceeds 500mm, accuracy will not be affected. Other factors that affect accuracy are FPS consistency, barrel quality, and hop-up design. A more consistent muzzle velocity can go a long way in improving the quality of your shot. Onward, a hopup is a small device within airsoft guns that works to affect accuracy. A quality design in your hop up could help you achieve the shot you desire.

More often than not, airsoft weapons come with mounts for the addition of accessories. A common addition is a scope, which greatly impacts the ability to eye down a shot. Or you may decide instead that it is preferable to mount a flashlight for enhanced vision during night use. The list goes on, as many accessories are available.


The ammunition for airsoft guns is usually referred to as BB's (Ball Bearings) or Pellets. They are most often made of plastic and measure 6 or 8 mm in diameter, where the 6 mm are by far the most common ones.
Pellets are not that expensive and also not an area where you want to go down on quality as it will have a high impact on your weapons lifetime and how accurate it's shooting. Therefore don't be cheap with pellets and buy it from a quality airsoft store rather than your local Wallmart.



These types of BB's are the most common ones and also the cheapest. They come in different weights and colours.


If you care a bit about the world we all live in you should consider using biodegradable pellets. These BB's will in contrast to plastic BB's compost after some time. Many airsoft fields have it as a requirement to use these type of pellets.
They are slightly more expensive than plastic pellets, but it shouldn't break your budget in any way.
As with any other product you can find low and high-quality biodegradable pellets, where the first mentioned will be less precise.



Tracer pellets will take your airsoft game to another level if carried out after sunset. These pellets are covered with a material that will make them glow, and thereby leave a kind of a fire tail as we know from real weapons when fired at night.
To activate the pellets and getting them to glow you will need an accessory which is often a magazine or suppressor where an intense light will be applied to the pellets.
The Tracer BB's are a bit more expensive than regular ones, but the real cost will be for the magazine or suppressor.
These type of pellets also comes in biodegradable.

Tracer BB's 
Tracer BB's


This is black pellets that will make it harder to localise from where the pellet was shoot.
These pellets are mostly used by snipers who want to hide their position.



You could call these pellets a combination between airsoft and paintball. It's ammunition for airsoft guns, but as with paintball, they will leave a colour mark, though much smaller.
The marking is coming from a powder that is applied to the pellet. The powder is easy to get off your cloth but remember that a lot of the powder will get stuck in your gun as well and therefore a risk if not removed frequently.

Marking BB's


These types of BB's should only be used for target shooting as they have a high impact and easily can penetrate the skin.
Furthermore, they are expensive and will most probably destroy your airsoft gun after some time.

Metal BB's


Ceramic pellets are of high standard and will give a very precise shot. However, they are quite expensive and also abanded in most airsoft games as the impact is high.


Selecting the right weight is a critical factor in getting the best shoot out of your airsoft gun.
The factor that determines which weight your pellets should have is the muzzle velocity that your gun shoots with, in other words, how many feet per second. As a rule of thumb, the more powerful weapons like sniper rifles can handle heavier pellets, which also will increase accuracy.
Some simple guidelines are:
- 0.12-0.15g: Used for less expensive guns and guns with little muzzle velocity like below 250 FPS - be aware that if used in more powerful weapons there is a risk that they will break apart inside the gun.
The accuracy will be terrible due to the lightweight and therefore not recommended.
-0.20g: Are a kind of standard and works well for guns with a muzzle velocity around 250-350 FPS
-0.23-0.25g: These pellets will increase the accuracy but of course lower velocity. Your weapon should be 350-425 FPS to get the most out of these pellets.
-0.30g: When we go above 0.30g we are mostly talking about ammunition for sniper rifles that have the velocity to handle these "heavy" pellets. Guns that Chrono over 425 FPS is suited to shoot with these type of pellets.
-0.40g: These are some of the most massive pellets you can buy (Except for metal pellets), and it's only recommended for powerful weapons like High-Pressure Airsoft Rifles.

Weight of BB's

Sights & Scopes

Sights and scopes for Airsoft weapons usually are replicas of the real ones which of course makes them cheaper and therefore a subject for low quality. So be careful when you select a scope for your gun and try to choose a real steal with higher quality or even go for the real deal if your budget allows it. Waiting until you can afford a proper quality scope is usually the best option.

Scopes & Sights for airsoft

Red/green dot/reflex sights

These types of sights are among the most popular for airsoft and with a good reason as they in many ways fits the limitation that airsoft guns have in comparison to real ones.
The way a Red Dot Sight or Reflex sight as it's also called works is that a reflection of a little red/green led falls onto a spherical mirror - through the mirror, you will be able to see your target, and the red/green dot will be where your BB will hit. The angel in which your eye is looking into the mirror, as well as the distance, will have little impact, where this is crucial for an optical scope.

As you probably understand this has a significant impact on how fast you can get a good aim and fire your weapon. Therefore Red Dot Sight is considered fast and very suitable for aggressive players and close quarter battles. The Red Dot Sights also makes it possible to aim with both eyes open which again will make you capable of moving around.
You can get them in both open and closed versions, meaning the open is on a panel and the closed is inside a cylinder.

How a Red Dot Sight Works

The difference in parallax is the principle which determines where the dot appears within your field of view in combination with the angel you are looking towards the sights mirror. Real Parallax free (meaning the angel have zero impact) is only relevant for high-end scopes and not an issue for airsoft guns due to the limited range of precision. More critical is optical clarity of the glass, robustness and keeping zero, meaning the sight doesn't lose it's preciseness when using the weapon.
Usually, Red Dot Sights are without magnifying capabilities.

Optical Scope vs Red Dot Sight

Small Optical Scopes

When talking about small Optical Scope we mean four times magnifying and below.
Any Optical Scope will require correct distance and that the eye is in line with the scope which again means that you will have to spend some seconds to get a good aim.
Small Optical Scopes are only relevant for powerful weapons like rifles.

Small Optical Scope

Big Optical Scopes

Above four times magnifying in the sport of Airsoft is only relevant for powerful Sniper Rifles as the possible travel distance for the pellets else not will be sufficient.

Big Optical Scope

Flip down/Combined Red Dot & Optical Scopes

Gives the possibility to combine a magnifier and a red dot scope.
Meaning that you will have a magnifying scope which can be flipped up when you want the combination and flipped down when you only want the red dot without any magnifying.

Red Dot Sight with Flip up Scope

Laser Scope

It's merely a laser pointer attached to your weapon, and the laser will point to your target which you then can see through an Optical Scope ore with your bare eyes.
For Airsoft there are limitations on how intense the laser can be to avoid eye injuries therefore you should stay below 5mW

Laser Sight

Night Vision Scope

If you have the budget for it, this can be a great gadget but be prepared to spend a lot.

Night Vision Scope

Tactical Flashlight

Even though it has nothing to do with scopes and sights an attached tactical flashlight to your weapon can still be used for a better aim.

Tactical Flashlight

Airsoft Add-Ons

One of the things that you soon will notice when getting into airsoft is the never-ending list of add-ons to your gun and possibilities for upgrades and customisation of your weapon. Buying the rifle or pistol itself is just the beginning.
Some of the add-ons have an actual functionality where others are only meant for aesthetics.
Below I will list the more common type of add-ons.

Rail Interface System

Airsoft rail interface systems (RIS) is what makes it possible for attaching additional accessories like a tactical flashlight, lasers, grips and different types of sights and scopes. So if you are serious about your airsoft gear, you will have to consider a rail interface system at some point.

Most out of the box airsoft guns come with a plastic grip where you can attach some add-ons. However, for the best possible attachment, you should consider investing in a proper rail interface system. This solution will not only give you endless possibilities for add-ons but will also give you the highest possible quality and durability.
Expect to pay around 15 USD for the cheapest systems and +100 USD for the most expensive ones.

Rail Interface System

Suppressors & Silencers

You might wonder why you need a suppressor or a silencer for an airsoft gun and the fast answer is that you don't unless aesthetics is essential for you.
The only situation where they have any functionality is if you upgrade to a more extended barrel as they can give some protection to the barrel.

Suppressor & Silencers


Above I mentioned the cool tracer BB's that gloves in the dark and therefore give a feeling of real weapons when shot at night.
The BB's have to be activated to start gloving. One way is to expose them to light before loading them into your magazine, and another option is to have a particular magazine with light where they get activated.
Another an more cool option is to attach a tracer at the end of your barrel. What it does is merely to apply an intense light to the BB's when they pass through it, and therefore starts to light up.



If you want to try out your skills as a sniper, you will have to purchase a bipod to stabilise your rifle for an accurate shot. However other types of guns can also benefit from a bipod.
For high-quality bipods, you will need a good rail interface system to attach it to, but you can also find cheaper solutions that you kind of clip to your weapon.


Tactical Grips

Where the bipods are mostly for snippers or more heavy weapons the tactical grips can be a good solution for most rifles.
During a longer airsoft game, it can be beneficial to be able to change your grip in order to avoid fatigue. Also, solutions, where you can flip the grip up and down, can be useful if suddenly needed for a steady shot.
Some tactical grips even can convert into a bipod with some adjustments.

Tactical Grip


Most airsoft rifles will come with a strap, but it's a very good idea to spend a few bucks and upgrade to a sling which gives you much better control of your weapon.
Slings exist in one, two and three points. Furthermore, you can find slings with a simple "around your neck" carry and more complex ones that are carried like a west.


Grenade Launchers

Grenade launchers can be attached to your gun by using a rail interface system. The grenade launcher does not actually launch the grenade. The way it works is that the shells contain gas and up to 60 BB's - when pulling the trigger of the grenade launcher the gas will be released and eject all the BB's at once sending them towards your enemy.

Greneade Launcher


Even if you don't plan to start your own Youtube channel, it can be very cool to sit down afterwards and go through your game.
Cameras can be attached to your weapon, helmet or your MOLLE system.

Camera for Airsoft

Safety Gear

If not before then immediately after you have bought your weapon you need to purchase some safety gear if you want to play airsoft. Protecting your eyes is a most - no discussion. Next would be your face. From there you can decide if you need a bumper helmet, gloves, knee pads and some body armour.

Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses are the absolute minimum protection gear that you need to have. Try to get a habit of never operating your loaded airsoft gun without shooting glasses.
Shooting glasses are for safety and therefore designed primarily to fulfil that purpose, which is also the reason why a pair of regular sunglasses is not recommended. They should cover your eyes thoroughly and follow the shape of your face so no gaps are left open, which again can become a potential risk for a BB to pass through. Therefore buy shooting glasses.

Shooting Glasses


A better option than shooting glasses are goggles.
Goggles will shield your eyes behind safety glass and leave no gaps for a BB to travel through. Furthermore, they are strapped around your head and therefore less in risk from accidental dropping from your face, like shooting glasses are.

Airsoft Goggles

The issue with goggles is that cheaper ones tend to fog up which is extremely annoying during a game. Therefore make sure to spend the extra money on a pair of fog-resistant goggles.
Other features to look for is good ventilation for maximum breathability, scratch resistant lens and changeable lenses with different colours for different weather.

Goggles with mesh instead of safety glass do exist, but we do not recommend them. Even if the mesh is made from one complete piece of metal, there is still a risk that BB's can crake and small parts can penetrate the mesh and potentially injure your eyes.

Lower Face Mask

For the protection of mouth, nose, cheeks and chin you can use a half mask or lower face mask. Usually, the covering part is a mesh which helps for ventilation. Try though to stay with a mesh that is made out of a complete piece of metal rather than wires where there is a slight risk of the BB being able to push the cables apart and thereby penetrate the mask.
Other half masks are made from hard foam and neoprene.
Goggles in combination with a half mask is an excellent way to protect yourself.

Lower Face Mask

Full Face Mask

Instead of having both goggles and a half mask for full face protection a full mask might be an alternative.
As the names say, it's merely a mask that covers your complete face.
There exist countless designs and shapes. What you want to make sure is that the eye protection is made of safety glass and not a mesh. The area around the mouth can be a mesh.
Heat and moisture can be another problem with full masks so make sure its anti-fog and good ventilated.
Also, it's a good idea to try on a full mask while aiming with your weapon. This as some people have difficulty to get a good fit.

Full Face Mask


Balaclava in combination with shooting glasses or goggles is a combination that is often seen as well. Especially in cold climates, it can be the right combination.


Tactical helmets for Airsoft

Airsoft Tactical helmets are meant to protect your head, not from bullets but from bumping your head into hard objects if you fall. Just like a bicycle helmet would.
Furthermore, you can add a lot of cool gadgets to the helmet like cameras, tactical flashlight, night vision and radio communication devices. So besides of the safety part, a tactical helmet can also upgrade your game quite significantly.

Tactical Helmet for Airsoft

Tactical Gloves

Protecting your fingers from the surroundings and coldness can be the difference between an enjoyable airsoft game and a bad experience.
When selecting your tactical gloves do it out from the weather conditions. Sweating for hours in a to a thick pair of gloves is as bad as running around with cold fingers which again makes it hard to operate your gun.
Hard-moulded plastic to protect your knuckles and a specially designed tricker finger are some of the features you want to look for in a good pair of tactical gloves. If you are more interested in tactical gloves, you can read my comprehensive guide here.

Condor Outdoor NOMEX Tactical Glove

Knee Pads

Hurting your knees will not only take you out of the game for the day but can potentially take you out for weeks.
In airsoft, you will be on your knees all the time either for getting a good shot or avoiding to reveal your position. If you are unlucky and there is a rock or a sharp object where you put your knee, it can have fatal consequences, and a knee injury is the last thing you want. There is a good reason why professional soldiers often use knee pads.
See some great knee pads here.

Arcteryx Kneecap

Tactical Vests, Plate Carriers and Chest Rigs

When we talk vests, we should differentiate between three types. The tactical vest for load bearing. The plate carrier vest for protection and load bearing. And finally, the light chest rig which primary purpose is also load bearing.
When we talk airsoft the load bearing is, of course, the main reason why a vest is needed.

Airsoft Tactical Vests

A traditional tactical vest is often used by airsoft players as it's usually cheaper than a plate carrier and fulfils its purpose of load-bearing very well.

Blackhawk fixed vest

Plate carrier vests are supposed to protect you from bullets and is today standard for most military units.
Even airsoft players are using theses vest but without adding the actual plates. The reason why these vests are popular is that they are incredibly durable, comfortable and the MOLLE system that most plate carrier vest have makes it possible to customise the vest for different kinds of load-bearing possibilities.

Crye CPC

A chest rig is a lighter option. The focus is on pure load bearing, and by selecting a MOLLE system, it can be modified to suit your requirements. A chest rig is usually a cheaper option than any of the other two, and in hot weather condition, it can be an advantage with this type of lighter vest.

For more details on Tactical Vests, Plate Carriers and Chest Rigs have a look at my article, "Best Tactical Vest."

Condor Outdoor Recon Chest Rig


Selecting the right type of apparel can be as important as choosing your weapon. The difference between a sniper with a Ghillie Suit and one with a standard army uniform is enormous. Also moving around in a good pair of tactical boots versus a pair of ordinary running shoes will not only give you a significant advantage but even protect you from injuries.

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)

Select your battle dress uniform out from the surroundings you are going to play in as well as the weather conditions.
Furthermore, you want to make sure that it has sufficient of pockets.
High-quality BDU's from famous brands can be expensive but remember that if you don't feel comfortable moving around it can turn your focus towards the uncomfortable feeling instead of the game.

Battle Dress Uniform

Tactical Boots

In Airsoft games you will move around a lot. And the surface can change from hard concrete to muddy forest floor. You, therefore, want a good pair of boots that can support you through all this. Of course, you play in a pair of sneakers, but it won't be the same feeling, and besides the risk of injuries, they will probably only hold for a couple of games where a solid pair of tactical boots can hold for decades.
You can find my comprehensive guide on tactical boots here.

Belleville Men's 550 ST USMC Hot Weather

Belleville Men's 550 ST USMC Hot Weather

Ghillie Suit

If you plan to become a snipper, you need to consider a Ghillie Suit.
When using the right ghillie suit for the surroundings, you operate in you can stay invisible even when your opponent is only a few meters from you.

Ghillie Suit

Additional Airsoft Gear

Above you have the most common airsoft gear but the list does not end here, probably you will be surprised how many types of gear that there exist.


During a longer game over a big area, it can be beneficial to bring a backpack for food supplies etc.
Just like the vests you can get backpacks with a MOLLE system.

MOLLE Backpack

Electronic Hearing Headphones

The most common reason why people buy these type of headphones is to block out loud noise from a real gun. Therefore you might wonder why they can be interesting for airsoft players where noise from the gun isn't an issue.
Besides the electronic noise cancelling part, they will also amplify low-level background sounds like whispering and stealth movements. So next to the protective part they can also give you an advantage in being able to hear what you normally cant. Please, also some airsoft grenades can easily make noises where hearing protection is required.
For more info on hearing devices have a look here.

Howard Leight electronic earmuffs

Communication Radio

Being able to communicate with your team will give you a tactical advantage that is hard to beat.
When you get serious about airsoft, you want to start using radio communication.

Communication Radio


If you ever have tried to load your magazine with BB's when you are stressed you know how bad it can turn out. To deal with that problem, you can invest in a speed loader which makes the drill effortless, and the good thing is that they are rather cheap. So, do yourself a favour and buy one together with your gun.



This device is probably one of the last devices you need but then again if you a serious about snipping and therefore do upgrades to your gun it's nice to know how well it's upgraded.
What the chronograph is doing is to measure the speed with which the bb exits the barrel.

Airsoft Chronograph


If you are running an AEG, you need several batteries for a day on the airsoft field and getting them charged it might be a good idea to invest in speed charger or a charger that can handle more batteries at the time. Remember without charged batteries there is no airsoft game if you use an electric gun.

Charger for Airsoft


Getting familiar with your weapon before going into an airsoft game will not only give you an advantage in the game but in general make it a much more pleasant experience.
Targets can be found in all kind of shapes and forms - everything from small bull's eye targets to 1:1 zombie targets.
Remeber to wear shooting glasses as a minimum as bb's can bounce back if hitting a harder surface

Airsoft Target

Grenades, Mines & Booby Traps

Grenades are awesome and the only type of airsoft weapon that can make an explosion.
Some types will work better for indoor games, where other only should be used outdoors. Normally they are thrown, but there exist booby traps as well which can be activated by motion or remotely controlled.
There are, three types - Dummy grenades that don't do anything - grenades that explode with powder or smoke - grenades that disperse BB’s

Dummy Greneades

Dummy grenades are of replicas of real grenades either made of metal or plastic. As they are dummy grenades, they won't do anything at all, but on the other side, they also don't need any re-filling or charging. In a game, they will take your opponents out in a decided radius from where it lands when thrown.

Dummy Grenades

Sound Grenades

Sound grenades come in two versions. One is charged with CO2, and when activating them, the CO2 will be released inside the covering plastic container which will then burst with a high exploding sound.
These types of grenades are extremely fun but remember that you will have to recharge them. At some locations, there are restrictions on how to use them and eventually at some places they are even forbidden.
The other types work like a normal firecracker meaning with a real explosion. These Pyrotechnic Grenades are normally coming in single-use grenades but can also be found in metal versions where blanks are used for the explosion sound.
Again these types of grenades are not allowed all places.

Sound Grenades
VTG Grenades

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades will deliver a coloured smoke which will make it difficult for your opponents to see your movements.

Smoke Grenades

BB spray Grenades

These grenades are loaded with BB's which will be sprayed out when activated. The grenades can contain up to several hundred BB's and are powered by gas.
The way they usually work is that the grenade is armed by pulling the split like with a real grenade. When it's thrown and hitting the ground, the gas will start to disperse the BB in all directions. A range up to 10 meters for the BB's is normal.
The grenades can be reused by reloading them with gas and BB's

Airsoft BB Spray Grenade


Airsoft mines are placed in the ground like real mines and activated when stepped upon. They are armed with water or powder which will be ventilated up upon activation. A CO2 cartridge is used to power the mines.

Land Mine

Bobby Traps

Booby Traps can be activated by a wire, remotely or when it senses motion. Some will burst and sense out a spray of BB's like grenades where others only will shoot one BB's

Booby Trap

Rubber Knife

In the case you have no ammunition left you can continue the game with a rubber knife and take your opponent down one by one like a Ninja.

Rubber Knife

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